Biomimicry: Adopting Proven, Sustainable Solutions Inspired by Nature

What if the sustainable solutions we’ve been seeking have existed in front of us all this time? According to biomimicry, that’s exactly the case. All around us in our environment and its systems, in the plants and animals and insects, we see evidence of perfectly executed, and perfectly sustainable, design, architecture, planning, and engineering.

The Biomimicry Institute is a superb resource for learning all about biomimicry. Here is their definition:

“Biomimicry is an approach to innovation that seeks sustainable solutions to human challenges by emulating nature’s time-tested patterns and strategies. The goal is to create products, processes, and policies—new ways of living—that are well-adapted to life on earth over the long haul.” 

For more information about biomimicry,  and to see examples and take part in design challenges, visit Below you can watch a Ted talk by Biomimicry Institute’s cofounder Janine Benyus.

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